Not Knowing Is Okay

Someone smart recently wrote to me “there may be no answers to all the questions.”   There was more to it than just that but how genius is it, not to mention liberating, when we realize, there really might not always be an answer.

Building on, there not always being an answer, is there may not be only one specific ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer.  That is part of our growth.  Finding out what is right and/or wrong for ourselves can at times put us into conflict or at odds with others.  In fact it can often create a  dichotomy even within  ourselves! But again, that is all part of our growth.  Like Robert Frost said, “Thinking isn’t agreeing or disagreeing.  That’s voting.”   

Now get out there and go think for yourself!

One thought on “Not Knowing Is Okay

  1. Just reading that deepened my breath. Someone taught me a little trick some time ago… when you’re stressed and feeling pressed or like your back is against the wall… ask yourself an impossible, open ended question. One that you absolutely cannot grapple with mentally. Your mind immediately expands, explores, and considers. Creating white space to let ideas flourish & an antidote to anxiety. It works.


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