Do not confuse taking care of yourself with being lazy.  Sometimes when we are stressed out and/or overwhelmed we may have the propensity to excuse away doing some of the hard work that would be good for us in such a time.  This may be an additional sales call, working out, etc.  What we need in times of troubles is courage to step up our game,  not sit back and recover so to speak.

This past week during a crapstorm of un-ejoyable life events a brilliant yoga teacher said “I like to push people to see how far they can go.”  That is fantastic that she would invest in class participants in such an empowering manner.  Why would we not invest in ourself in the same way? Is it fear that is getting in your way?  Enjoy the following Les Brown clip, it is just a little over three minutes.  Let it inspire you as the yoga teacher inspired me to push yourself to see how far you can go!