Taking Care Of Yourself

So I am moving tomorrow-two days earlier than planned, after travelling earlier this week and as an added bonus they say a snow storm is on its way.  So here I am trying to pack everything up in under 48 hours, work some, not flip out and stay in happy mode.

And I’m cruising around, hustling over to sign my lease and drop off a deposit and rent when I get a great offer to go see the symphony tonight.  Impulsively I say ‘yes’ and keep moving.  Around noon I see all that needs to be done and have a conversation with myself about over extending and over committing.  Ahh, the realization, that even pleasant things can create an unmanageable situation.  A text has been sent with a decline on the symphony and freeing up two additional hours of work and packing time.

All this is to say what Buddha said so much better, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Be good to yourself.  And sometimes being good to yourself means saying no to something that seems like a great idea, but perhaps may just be piling on a little too much and may result in unnecessary madness.

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