Marketing vs. Engagement

I believe both nonprofits as well as for profits often confuse sales, marketing and engagement.  Or even more challenging weight engagement last.  The fact is, without engagement of donors, clients or customers your sales and marketing have far less impact.   Social media absorbs so much of our time these days.  One of the greatContinue reading “Marketing vs. Engagement”

Financing Isn’t The First Step, It’s The Last

I was in a meeting with a foundation a couple of weeks ago and the conversation turned to bringing in more assets for nonprofits.  That is nothing new, I do work with a lot of nonprofits  raising money.  Our discussion transitioned into the propensity of nonprofits chasing dollars rather than raising dollars.  An all too commonContinue reading “Financing Isn’t The First Step, It’s The Last”

Priorities & Planning

So often I talk with nonprofits about building their financial resources and so often they do not have a plan to do so.  Strategic planning and an annual plan often exist, but for some reason no fund development plan does.  This always intrigues me, as how do you know how much to raise, when andContinue reading “Priorities & Planning”

People Per Nonprofit

First of all, I love Guidestar.  I feel they provide an invaluable service within the nonprofit sector.  The picture below is one I found on their Pinterest board.  Capacity is a primary issue in the nonprofit world.  Do you know your capacity within your field of service, immediate and larger geography?  How can you successfully planContinue reading “People Per Nonprofit”