Unknown Cost of Compromise

The struggle is real people.  Everyone has had a moment when they ask themselves, ‘do I address the issue, or do I let it slide?’  The ‘slide’ option is most often the easiest path to take. Afterall, if the issue isn’t addressed it either goes without notice (or minimal fuss) or it goes away faster-in theory.

This ‘theory’ plays out nicely on paper in Seth Godin’s blog Counting Beans , which illustrates nicely what the cost of compromise can be. The blog frames ‘compromise’ as the moment one decides to place ‘win’ over ‘worry’.  The moment you short change what is right for what is easy and/or a short-term win.

Bottom line, every action has an outcome.  So the question becomes what is the long-term outcome of compromise for the sake of perceived ‘wins’ or ease?  What is your desired outcome?  How are your decisions framing the culture in your organization’s culture?


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