The phrase “go with the flow” is so over used it is useless.  But the meaning is still relevant.  How often do you find yourself ‘forcing’ behavior rather than just being who your are? We all do it on some scale.  The question is why do we do it?  Some of it may be based in imposter syndrome.

Dr. Joan Harvey wrote a book back in the mid 1980s about imposter syndrome.  I believe she estimated 70% of people have some experience with it.  Dr. Kate Clancy wrote and interesting article about it in Scientific America this past August with a brilliant point that is most relevant, “privileges perceived legitimacy from attitude and pedigree over actual ability.”   I feel that translates outside of the field of science as well.  We don’t feel we have the legitimacy we need to be who we want.

Ironically what provides us credibility are our actions and our results, which are less likely to come to light if we fear we may not be ‘qualified.’  Unless you are in a field that requires accreditation to practice, such as medical or legal, who is to say who is qualified and who is not?

What this all comes down to is in the majority of circumstances we are the ones limiting ourselves, no one else.  The opportunity in knowing this is choosing not to do so anymore.