You may either have or be a dead weight employee.  How to know if one is dead weight?  See the following checklist:

If they had another offer they’d be out the door.

If they had a magic wand they’d be out the door.

If they had another source of income they’d be out the door.

If they had enough time they’d be looking for a new job so they could be out the door.

A past U.S. Job Recovery and Retention Survey noted 75% of employees are experiencing the desire to find a new job.  So there is little chance there isn’t some dead weight around your workplace.

What to do about it?  It is surprisingly simple.  Engage the dead weight in self-evaluation so they can self identify that they in fact do want to be somewhere else.  The majority of problem employees will willingly and often happily leave if given an exit strategy that helps them do so.  It is a win-win with the employer saving money in the long run, which in turn often boost morale and the employee engages in actively moving on in a positive manner!