I fell on my head yesterday in yoga class.  I mean FELL as in mild concussion!  My major commitment to fearlessness turned out to be a major commitment to stupidity.  There is a fine line in between fearlessness and stupidity.  I walk it often.  This sounds bad, but it isn’t, that is until you wind up on the stupid side.

So most of us fall into one of two groups.  There is a group that is walking the line between fearlessness and stupidity and a group walking a line of fear and excuses.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which group has better results, and often more fun.  A monkey in a lab coat can make the call.

The trouble comes in when we blindly follow on the road to fearlessness.  Travel down it with wild abandon but remember the runner in front of you may, just perhaps, have a different skill set or skill level.  Not being at that level does not make you fearful, is NOT an excuse to turn back and is not commentary on your journey.  Instead it is something to aspire to.  Work your way towards that goal, achievement, behavior, etc.  Going from zero to 120 mph does not always work.  Being fearless does not mean abandoning your good judgement.  Spare yourself from falling on your head.