The following are a few interesting items and articles on learned helplessness.  Inaction is often more than an excuse it is a behavior we have embraced and implemented.  Learned helplessness may be a long entrenched behavior, or an event specific behavior.”

“Can learned helplessness be undone? Well, that’s the big question, isn’t it? The answer is “Yes.” The cost, however, is high. We can only undo learned helplessness by severing our internal connection with the system that gave rise to it.”

“Our motivation must be clear and strong. We must really want to hear and respond to our own questions about life. We must really want to live our own life and not one prescribed by our family, society, culture, profession or tradition. Metaphorically, we must be willing to go north, the direction that takes us out of society. We must be willing to endure pain, know from direct experience, act on what we see and receive what happens. We must yearn to experience what is without relying on anything to confirm our existence.”   Source:

Induced learned helplessness video: