Maybe it is part of my Finnish heritage.  Afterall my generational neighbors do have the quote, “Cookies are made of butter and love.”  ~Norwegian Proverb.  So I am going to say it, I love cookies.  I love cookies in the way the Cookie Monster (old school version) loves cookies.  I love cookies like the Trix Rabbit loves that cereal, like Wile Coyote loves to chase the Road Runner.  And like the Trix Rabbit and Wile, it never ends well.

All that is to say my love for cookies is a great and enduring love, that has no end.  Because life without cookies, well, what kind of life would that be?!  But, my love for cookies  has recently been balanced with love of self.  And I’ll warn you, if you are big on healthy eating and/or nutritionally driven, you may want to stop reading here.  Cookies are a whole lot of happy.  Eating a cookie the size of my head has kept me going on many a long afternoon.  But the balance came with the realization of eating cookies and chasing them with a Coke for breakfast might not be the best way to support my productivity (let alone immune system) level throughout the day.  It always ends with me, like Wile Coyote, following off the cliff and landing in a ‘poof’ and the bottom.

So  will I always eat cookies? Absolutely!  However, I will enjoy them more now as I will not unfairly be leaning on them to sustain me.  I am not depriving myself by not eating them in the morning or under stress, I am rewarding myself by eating nutritionally and letting the cookies be what they’ve always wanted to be, a food of leisure.  I’ve made cookies my work horse in the past, when all they’ve ever wanted to be is a show pony.  To cookies everywhere, I apologize.