“Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.”  ~Cherokee Indian Proverb

Whether it is thinking about the past or future one thing is sure, either will afford you one opportunity, to miss out on the present moment.  Especially during the holidays it seems that single point focus becomes a ‘luxury’ to us. It seems we have it all backwards because single point focus, living in the now, is a necessity. 

To truly enjoy or participate authentically on any given day requires we be fully present.  So often we take this to mean sacrificing ourselves for others or giving, giving, giving until we feel depleted.  Not only is this not the intent of being fully present, it is counterproductive towards the goal of being fully present. 

To be fully present you must embrace where YOU, not others are in the moment.  You must be authentic in providing what YOU are thinking and feeling in order to best communicate with others.  Others can’t create a road map for your happiness and fulfilment.  Only you can.  And doing so requires the first step of being fully present in the moment.