What You Wish For

You know the saying, ‘be careful what you wish for.’  I believe there is an awful lot of wisdom in that saying.  Why?  Because God, the Universe, or whatever you call it gives us what we are asking for whether we are asking directly or indirectly.

For instance, saying “I’m sick all the time,”  is validating your illness as well as putting it out there asking for more.  Does that sound harsh?  Think of it this way…  When are you more likely to feel better when you start thinking and talking about feeling better or when you are focused on illness and symptoms.  Or when do you feel happier?  When you are focused on your problem or when you are focused on a laughing baby?  You still have the same problem, but your energy is different.

I’m not suggesting we consciously put out a call for sickness or any negative situation.  What I am suggesting is the energy you put out, is the energy you will get back.  It is your choice.

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