Sample Work

A Brief Sampling Of Relevant Past Work

  • Paycheck Protection Program
  • Job Creation Tax Credits
  • EDA grants.
  • CDBG grants
  • Previous Grants Manager for regional coordinating council.
  • VAWA grants
  • Byrne Memorial grants
  • Juvenille Justice grants
  • Workforce planning and development connecting manufacturers with grant and incentive resources.
  • BWC Safety Grants.
  • General Mills, Leadership Development, Cedar Rapids, IA.
  • Statewide Town Hall Meetings for strategic vision, Virginia Association of Nonprofit Organizations.
  • Economic Development grants and engagement and funding, IA, IL, OH, VA.
  • Public Information & Outreach engagement, Caltrain, San Carlos, CA.
  • Curriculum development, college public administration, and fund development.
  • International Economic Development Council’s Public Policy Advisory Committee
  • Past appointment by the Governor of Iowa to Development & Tourism Commission.
  • Written U.S. Senate sub-committee testimony regarding nano-technology.

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