Sweet Validation In The Realm Of Procrastination

I am so pleased with myself this morning.  This is a major statement, because it isn’t the most pleasing time in my life, and I haven’t had any caffeine yet.  Nevertheless I received the following blog post this morning, http://zenhabits.net/create/ .  Now if you do not have time to read it because you feel you haveContinue reading “Sweet Validation In The Realm Of Procrastination”

You Are The Company You Keep

You are influenced most by those you surround yourself with.  This includes your clients and/or customers.  Combine this with Pareto’s Law (80/20 rule) and it becomes very apparent that you need to pick/target customers and clients carefully. Sales and marketing goes beyond just garnering as much new business as possible.  The reason being, your customer serviceContinue reading “You Are The Company You Keep”

January 24, The Worst Day Of The Year

I while back a British researcher through various calculations determined the January 24 is the worst day of the year for people.  Apparently this is based on the combined factors of debt, weather, etc.  The following is a past post about it, http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6847012/ns/world_news/ .  In addition to the 24th being the alleged worst day of theContinue reading “January 24, The Worst Day Of The Year”