Noise vs. Content = Use Your Time Wisely

Before you judge this post with a “what a horrible day/time to post” look or thought, know this, I’m aware.  But the point of this post is to stand on its own and remind you of all the other stuff out there being thrown in front of you, (or that you are throwing out toContinue reading “Noise vs. Content = Use Your Time Wisely”

More Women In Leadership = Higher Profits

We are living in an era where it is easy to access articles demonstrating research on why women are not in leadership positions.  Clearly we know the inequity exist.  The question is how long will organizations and businesses continue to handicap themselves by continuing to exclude women from their leadership positions and boards? Perhaps stepContinue reading “More Women In Leadership = Higher Profits”

Self Promotion, Introvert Doesn’t Always Equal Shy

“A lot of people assume I’m an extrovert because I’m not shy. I associate more with introversion because I am energized by being alone–in both my work and free time.” The link below is currently my favorite article, with my new favorite “go to” reminders. I’m an introvert, but unless you know me very well,Continue reading “Self Promotion, Introvert Doesn’t Always Equal Shy”

Good Advice, For Good Managers

I’m a huge fan of Seth Godin.  This certainly isn’t the first quote of Godin’s that has surfaced within the blog posts on this site.  While Mr. Godin is all about marketing, his thoughts expand far beyond just that topic. I promise you, if you read his posts and/or books you’ll pull great information from them,Continue reading “Good Advice, For Good Managers”

Leadership Defined

I attended an event this morning for a foundation’s 10th anniversary.  Each table participated in the breakout session, assigned with a specific topic.  My table’s topic was leadership.  Everyone around the table was asked to share how they show and facilitate leadership and had already been asked to share something recent they are proud of.  The last womanContinue reading “Leadership Defined”

Networking & Reasonability

I recently had a conversation with a nonprofit leader in the community who was struggling with the balance of sustainability.  She is a natural connector but feels drained with all her energy going out and the return on her efforts feel to her to be a demand for more of her ability to connect. Connecting/networkingContinue reading “Networking & Reasonability”