Economic Development, Good or Bad

It always intrigues me in my travels the various defentitions of what economic development actually is. It varies throughout the U.S., State to State, and at times within a State  County, and/or City.  There seems to be a lack of clarity if using the words economic development will result in a positive or negative responseContinue reading “Economic Development, Good or Bad”

Public Spending & Efficiency

I had a conversation which was focused on manufacturing and efficiency today.  Efficiency, when speaking of technical production equates to measuring and comparing the useful work completed by the machine/process in relation to the total energy expended or heat taken in. The measure of efficiency within the technical dynamic is very quantifiable. But is efficiency inContinue reading “Public Spending & Efficiency”

Government Is Not Business

So often we hear people say government should be run more like business.  Perhaps in the past, up until the 1960s or so, it might have been more relevant as the majority of business was still run with a community-corporate culture.  Over the last several decades the majority of businesses have seen their culture change fromContinue reading “Government Is Not Business”

Unknown Cost of Compromise

The struggle is real people.  Everyone has had a moment when they ask themselves, ‘do I address the issue, or do I let it slide?’  The ‘slide’ option is most often the easiest path to take. Afterall, if the issue isn’t addressed it either goes without notice (or minimal fuss) or it goes away faster-inContinue reading “Unknown Cost of Compromise”

Your Lens

What lens are you looking through? If you are talking about bringing people into your community to live, or engaging people in their work in your company, are you looking through your lens or their’s?  If you’re not sure, just look at your results. I once consulted to an international nonprofit that focused on advocacy,Continue reading “Your Lens”

Web Site, Succeed or Fail?

As interactive social media continues to increase its marketplace impact, where does that leave the traditional web site?  Should you have one? The answer is, ‘it depends.’ Yes, to a web site if you have a web site that weaves together other social media, as well as offers current information. If your site does, thenContinue reading “Web Site, Succeed or Fail?”

Something For Everyone, Any Career Stage

I’m a book junky.  Even if you are not inclined to pick up a hard copy, you can access all kinds of mind bending, inspiring, entertaining information from a gorgeous book via a tablet, Kindle, or even audio. The following list, “21 books to read if you want to boost your career,” has something for everyoneContinue reading “Something For Everyone, Any Career Stage”