Epiphany Planning & Development

Grant Writing, Administration, & Organizational Development

Epiphany Planning and Development brings to market over twenty-five years of experience working in and with governments, businesses, and nonprofits to create measurable, positive outcomes on a variety of projects.

Ms. Dahl, founder and head of Epiphany Planning & Development has grant writing, grant administration, and organizational engagement experience with all sizes of organizations, governments, utilities and businesses, from small nonprofits, start-ups, to companies such as General Mills. She has been a grants manager, worked in maximizing incentives for companies, and written/administrated grants and projects for years.

In addition, Ms. Dahl has been appointed in the past by the Governor of Iowa to the State’s Community Development & Tourism Commission. She has written U.S. Senate Sub-Committee testimony related to community development and economies, and been involved in a wide range of pro-active efforts including winning an award for her part in facilitating a multi-entity government/nonprofit collaboration in downtown Virginia development. Additional examples of Ms. Dahl’s work include her consulting with a statewide nonprofit organization, being a past certified Standards for Excellence-the gold standard for nonprofits consultant, and working with economic development and nonprofit organizations in Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, and North Carolina.

Ms. Dahl has been a professor at three different universities teaching International Business, American Government, Public Administration, as well as Nonprofit Leadership. She has created university curriculum in grant writing, public administration and political science.

Ms. Dahl is a member of the Grant Professional Association, American Society for Public Administrators, Society for Human Resource Management, various Chamber of Commerce groups, and National Association of Women Business Owners.



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