Nonprofit Donors

Would you give a store money if they couldn’t tell you what use/product/service you’d get in return and the related value?  Well the same thought process applies to donors and funders.  Don’t ask for money unless you can also provide a strategy and clear value.


One thought on “Nonprofit Donors

  1. History of the Organization:

    The Secretary/Founder Director, Mr. M Veerabadraiah, hails from a family of the poorest among poor. After completing pre university education in 1976, he joined MYRADA /PLAN an international organization which was working for gender justice, social empowerment, water shed and educational programs.

    He worked an organiser and gained Knowledge of rural poverty situations in the rural part of Tamil Nadu state. He concentrated on a literacy program for illiterate women living in the Rural Area. Families living below poverty line used to migrate from various parts of Tamil Nadu state and other neighbouring states into the city in search of livelihood opportunities. Due to abject poverty the women and their families lived in the slums, finding it extremely difficult to live without the basic amenities of life.

    This abominable living condition of the poor and marginalized caused Mr. Veerabadraiah to think and work independently with a commitment for their upliftment. He has been joined by Mrs. Geetha who is working as a president in MARGHADARSHI disabled rehabilitation center, Mr. Dayananda Arul Das, a Director of Capsal Azariah children home, and other like minded persons such as Mr. Y Rajappa,

    Mr., and Ramesh started Basavanapura Development Organization in 2005. It has completed six years in serving the poor and needy with major focus on education, socio economic development and health benefiting the women, children, disables, marginal farmers.

    At the initial Phase, Mr. Veerabadraiah started to work voluntarily in 12 villages of Mathagondapally vicinity by establishing a regional office at S Kurubatty village of Thally Block, Krishna giri District of Tamil Nadu state. As time passed by Mr. Veerabadrappa realised that the office should run without dependence on external sources. It was then that he thought of starting a small branch office at Mathagondapally village of Thally Block.

    Vision of Basavanapura Development Organization.

    Basavanapura Development Organization has the vision that “All people have Equal rights for quality life”

    Mission of Basavanapura Development Organization

    To ensure every child enjoys child hood and avails the rights of the child
    To empower women , youth, and others in the neglected and marginalized sections of society through equal participation and a rights based approach
    To eradicate the maladies of extreme poverty, hunger and unjustice, discrimination by promoting human rights
    To promote skill development and self employment
    To promote, strengthen and empower local institutions such as CBOs, youth groups
    To encourage and promote the wise use of natural resources through various environmental activities
    To help control the spread of HIV/AIDS, ensuring dignity for the affected patients
    To preserve and improve human life through various health care activities with a special on maternal child health
    Educational Objectives of Basavanapura Development Organization

    To improve the quality of education for the rural poor and under-privileged children especially the children belonging to migrated, homeless, challenged, vulnerable, minority, scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and back ward families.
    To evolve creative and innovative programs for elementary education as well as non-formal education for school dropouts , non-school going children, and adolescent girls and boys.
    To organize and promote SHGs ,CBOs youth and child groups, strengthen them to get the basic facilities through a rights based approach


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