In past post I’ve discussed the dismal numbers regarding employee engagement.  The following is one easy course correct suggestion.

We have all had the moment when we’ve been driving from point A to point B, and don’t remember the entire drive, or eating and don’t remember really tasting anything, etc.  The workplace can bring about similar circumstances that create a negative cycle in dis-engagement, or worse , active counter-productivity.  The good news is, there is a very simple solution.

Mindfulness.  What is it?  It is clearing the head and consciously focusing on what is in front of you.  It is the foundation to goal setting, planning and valid metrics.  I once had a human resource professional at The Ohio State University tell me that it is important to schedule ‘creative’ and ‘thought clearing’ time into one’s schedule.  I agree.  It is a valid and productive piece of any work plan.

I’m not suggesting you take any extreme measures or reconfigure your break room.  I am however recommending that keeping ‘mindfulness’ on everyone’s radar will do several things.  One, it will increase productivity.  Two, it will eliminate or at the very least greatly reduce the dynamic of individual misconduct.  Many individuals are not even aware of how unproductive they have become, because much like the drive from point A to point B the have become unaware of their individual output and unconcerned of the impact on the organization as a whole.  I’m not saying individuals behavior comes from a place of insubordination, but rather one of a lack of time management and/or being overwhelmed to the point of disconnecting.

Again, such a high cost associated challenge, is easily identified and fixed with minor investment.