“…roughly 20 million (20%) employees who are actively disengaged. These employees, who have bosses from hell that make them miserable, roam the halls spreading discontent. The other 50 million (50%) American workers are not engaged. They’re just kind of present, but not inspired by their work or their managers.”  ~Gallup, The State of the American Workplace 2013

With roughly 70% of the U.S. workforce disengaged, if you aren’t happy in your job, the good news is you are not alone.  The less than good news is, and you are probably not going to want to read this…it probably isn’t your employer’s fault.  Maybe it is, I don’t know you or your circumstances, but odds are the reason you are unhappy in your job is you aren’t embracing either of your two options, 1) find a way to re-engage and get happy in your job, or 2) get a new job.   Are either of the options easy?  Usually no.  Are either of these options stress free?  Again, usually no.  But what these options do provide are paths to eliminating the major stress you’ve taken on as ‘just a way of life’.

Is your boss responsible for the climate of your workplace.  Yes.  Absolutely.  So the question becomes, does your boss truly know the climate of the workplace or are you one of the 70% collecting your check, not enjoying it, yet not quite ready to step up and empower potential change or seek change elsewhere?   Say you step up and change doesn’t happen, well then it is good to know you gave it your best before you moved onward.