I received my first yoga book a little over twenty years ago.  It was traditional and before videos and classes were all over the place.  The beauty of it was that since yoga was not super popular yet it was still about shaping your own practice, not competing with others or being goaded into doing more than you would otherwise do. 

Life is a lot like a yoga class.  It is about shaping your own practice and path.  It is about knowing beyond a doubt that the one truth that always has been and always will be is there is strength in backing off.  Let me emphasize that one more time,  there is strength in backing off

Strength in backing off comes in many forms.  It is keeping your mouth shut when it would feel ever so good to drill someone into the ground who may even deserve it.  It is showing others respect in their work, their processes and their pace, even if it doesn’t match yours.  It is being open to the idea that you may not actually have the best pace, plan or idea and listening to others.  Maybe you do…maybe you don’t…but you will never know unless you are open to backing off long enough to see the outcome.

Life like yoga is about your journey and contribution.  Not about what others perceive your journey and contribution should be.  I smile every time I think of those out there meditating and practicing yoga while driving those around them into the ground.  I smile because I can see those who ‘vibe’ they are seeking, say Buddha, Jesus, the Dalai Lama or just the ‘flow of the universe’ in their class or workplace wondering just what in the world is going on with them. Yoga just like life is about balance.