So maybe you do or don’t know the story of Jonah and the whale.  Here is a great minute and a half Veggie Tale’s clip of Jonah refusing to hear the message and get on with the gettin’ on of going down the path he is called to travel, .  It will make you laugh as we all have had the same moment of pure resistance.

Here is the thing…on some level we all do the “Jonah” for various reasons.  Maybe it is because what we are called to do may not fit with where we stand today.  Or maybe it is because what we are called to do won’t be comfortable for others to hear.  There are a bazillion reasons we don’t do what we know we are here to do.

The glitch comes when we don’t do what we are here to do, for whatever reason, and then wonder why we aren’t happy or successful or loving our life.  The answer is simple…you are here and you do have a calling.  Maybe you are thinking right now you don’t know what it is.  Chances are, you do and you’ve just put it out of your mind/heart for one of the bazillion reasons most of us do. I’ll have another post soon if you really can’t seem to access it.

The downside here of the “Jonah” life is your life will not be all it can be if you don’t embrace what your calling and your core truly are.  In fact you may chase the “normal”  for a long time and feel you are doing everything right, yet wonder why everything seems to be going wrong and/or why you aren’t fulfilled.  Sound familiar?  The upside is, as soon as you do embrace your authentic life and put the work into it…you will be golden!