Do you find your life full?  Or do you find your life fulfilling?  There is a big difference as I am sure you are aware.  You can apply this question and concept to your job and/or your life overall.

So what does full look like?  Like the following. ..  You’re  busy and you are getting a lot of things done.  Your days may whiz by and you may be esteemed by your community but most likely you are not engaged.   Often when the day ends you have a tough time recalling specifics of conversations and/or things accomplished.   You are most likely over scheduled and even more likely to be annoyed if anyone messes with that schedule.

Fulfilling means you are enjoying the majority of what is keeping you busy.   Your days may whiz by but you are fully engaged and aware of what you say, as well as what you do.   You may be busy but you are within an environment in which interruptions are complimentary to your goal not a deterrent to success.

So which are you?