You are what you eat.  So true, yet so hard to enforce some days.  Especially if you are not thrilled with your job, or some other element in life.  I’ll use a job one isn’t crazy about as an example in this case.

I’ve seen a lot of clients who are not crazy about their job or maybe even loathe it.  Tactics they use to cope usually include eating and drinking.  I’m not going to get all preachy on what to eat here, but I do want to share this…  If you find yourself eating a cookie the size of your head, visiting the vending machine or needing a lot of coffee or caffeine daily consider this.  Sugar and caffeine are two of the easiest, most convenient and socially acceptable delay tactics we can get our hands on and utilize at work.

Sugar and caffeine as delay tactics?  That is right, delay tactics!  How so?  Because sugar and/or caffeine empower (and I use that term loosely) us to power through.  They delay our need to address our unhappiness and/or uneasiness by making us feel better albeit temporarily.  Thus the cycle starts.

Again, I’m not hear to preach on what to eat or not eat.  I am however suggesting you take a look at what and how you eat.  See if there is a correlation with eating healthy (or not) at work.