I was listening to someone complain the other day about something someone else did not do for them.  I asked them why the other person didn’t do it.  They responded they didn’t know.  I asked, “Did you ask them to?”  They responded sheepishly “No.”

It is YOUR responsibility to ask for what you want. If you do not ask for what you want, please don’t be surprised when you end up unhappy and/or when you end up far down and entrenched on a path you are not crazy about.  (Although you can always ask, at any point.) If you are not liking this post so far…chances are you may be on that path.

Will you sometimes be unhappy anyway.  Yes.  It is much easier however dealing with disappointment than dealing with being stuck, because you were afraid to ask.  It is your life.  Are you wasting time?

Is asking hard?  Sometimes it is.  But being on a path that is not going where you want to go is actually much harder and last WAY longer.