Go For It! It Is All Perspective After All

More and more lately I’ve been talking with fabulous people who are working in amazing jobs and loving it!  These are jobs they are crazy passionate about and jobs most of us would think ‘oh, I can’t do that, I wouldn’t make enough.’  Some of these fabulous people are making a ton of money and some are making a decent amount and some are even working a second job to fuel their ability to do what they love.

My question of the day is this…  Have you traded passion and “right work” (work that is good for you and the world) for a job that makes you money to buy stuff that will end up in the junkyard one day?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a Kate Spade purse and deeply enjoy rocking out a good pair of shoes.  Having said that I’m also willing to live low-end house wise to experience and work in a high-end, magical, amazing, changing the world job. In the big picture it isn’t a tradeoff for me as it fits perfectly with me and my values even if it doesn’t fit with others.  All I sacrificed was believing others know more about me than I do.  It is all perspective after all!

It is tough to pick passion and decide being a change agent is more important than another or nicer car.  And we’ve often been programmed to prioritize what we have over what we contribute.  Is it possible to have it all.  Yes.  But the trick is not getting sucked into the need to “earn a living” over “making an amazing difference.”  As I mentioned I’ve had a lot of conversations lately proving the two are not mutually exclusive.

One thought on “Go For It! It Is All Perspective After All

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    After living in the Yucatan for six months, this message rings louder and clearer than ever.I don’t care what anyone says, you CAN live in your dream job today, being happy, manifesting everything you need. There is no such thing as lack it’s only perspective as this author points out. What do you think?


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