I coined the term “unleash the power of your inner kitten” while coaching a gentleman who was very detached emotionally at work.  Many of us are like that as we were professionally groomed to keep our emotions out of the workplace.

Keeping emotions out of the equation, one, is not realistic and two, is not productive.  This is in no way an endorsement for time-wasting emotional outburst etc.  This is however a reminder that when you bring authentic kindness to the table you will begin to see how the comfort level of others raises, as does their willingness to support and take risks for you.

Warning:  If you are being inauthentic, they will know and the converse will take place.

Additional warning:  If you are thinking you can take advantage of someone unleashing their inner kitten, you are wrong.  Even kittens have the ability to do some serious damage when being messed with.