Is your life a joyful journey? Is it possible to blend the practical with passion?  Yes, yes it is.  It isn’t that it isn’t possible, it is that we are afraid to do it.  That is a major, big, fat ugly difference isn’t it?!  It isn’t a pleasant thing to think about as it draws us ever closer to the conclusion that it isn’t that we can’t do it, it is that we don’t do it.

You can do what you want, as for me though, I have decided to blend the practical with passion and return to my joyful journey.  The secret is, that even if I “fail” I’m still having a good time doing what I want to do with my life – finding and enjoying my purpose and gifts.

Did yesterday you say “tomorrow” and today did you say “not now, but one day”?  What is the point in putting off happy?  Ask yourself and know that “security” is an acceptable answer.  No one is here to judge your life…that is up to you.  Life is full of tradeoffs.  Where is it you draw the line?  At least be aware of that.