Perfection is relative.  Perfection in your life is completely different from perfection in a friend’s or co-worker’s.  The main thing to remember when striving for perfection is it does not always include being perfect.  Perfect is a ridiculous concept that does not exist.  Why?  Because we are human beings and we are all different so ‘perfect’ becomes a very subjective concept, not a reality.

So many of us march under our self-imposed edicts of trying to be perfect.  This is a tremendous waste of time and energy.  It creates a level of stress that is not necessary. It also reduces our creativity and distracts us from greater productivity.  If you are worried about being perfect you most likely are not willing to take risks…no risks, no rewards.

I read the following last week.  It runs along the lines of trying to be perfect.  It is about self bullying.  This is what we do to ourselves when we beat ourselves up.  Get rid of the crazy idea that there is such a thing as ‘perfect’ and enjoy your own perfection, your unique gifts, talents and approaches.