As we are all individuals it is always amazing to me how it can be such a challenge to remain individualized.  So many folks prefer to let someone else pilot their life.  This only ‘works’ because so many other folks rather pilot someone else’s life rather than focus on their own.

‘Works’ only really applies in the above scenario if your plan is to end up somewhere and someplace where you do not feel authentic and you do not feel at home.  In case you are wondering that is not the path in life to reach your full potential/realize your calling.

So why is taking responsibility for one’s own journey so rare?  Perhaps it is based in part on the premise of others know more than us and if someone else leads us and misdirect us at least we have someone to blame.  So great…you have someone to blame, that just doubles your unhappiness, correct?!

This is what I have to say about the whole situation…  Take control of your journey, because it is your journey.  Nobody can possibly know more about what works best for you than you.  Getting caught up in the fear of failure or the thought of a mis-step is a ridiculous waste of time.  There is no failure, only progress.