I’ve decided to pursue a second Master’s degree in fast forward motion, one year, classes six days a week, and by the way I will be working part time running my own business.  So there is the starting line.  Here is the thing, I am an non-traditional student (read: much, much older than 18) so a million variations of thoughts and outcomes have run through my head over and about the upcoming year.  Meditating upon them I’ve boiled them all down to one…this is my life and my journey and I am responsible for making it a worthy, and enjoyable one.

We are all responsible for our journeys whether at work or at home the input and outcome are driven by us.  This has nothing to do with control.  As much as we like to think we can control things the truth is we have zero control.  This does however have everything to do with perspective.  Your perspective is like a magic wand.  You have the ability and opportunity to frame things anyway you’d like on every given day.  You have no obstacles, only priorities.

Life is full of trade offs my friend.  If you want to do something at work or home and find you are not, look  at the reason(s) why.  If it is a priority you may need to sacrifice.  Sacrifice may come in the form of relationships, time apart, risk of failure, risk of success (often frightening as well), putting your ego aside, or a million other things.  But again, it is YOUR journey to blame someone else for where you are is a mistake.