Are You The Problem Or The Solution?

Right now there is a huge amount of talk about the actions, or perhaps inaction, of our elected officials regarding our national debt and what to do about it and the budget.  Lots of talk, lots of chatter, lots of complaining about the situation.  Question, where is the action piece?

Whether it is government, family, friends, work, or whatever you want to throw in the mix has merely complaining about an issue ever been the magic bullet needed to change it?  No, no it has not.   If you want to complain about your government, your family, spouse, friend, boss, co-worker…you best be able to back your complaining with actionable solutions.  Otherwise all you have is whining and loser talk.  It is doubtful that is what you want to be known for in any situation.

One thought on “Are You The Problem Or The Solution?

  1. So very true! I just read something the other day, which in brief said, “do you want to be part of the problem or the solution?” Really we need to ask ourselves this question everytime we want to whine or complain. No solution no whining!


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