Two things happened lately to inspire this blog post.  One, I attended a retreat where the facilitator and some of those attending had better, more relatable life experience and general capabilities than the material (although it was good) that was used.  Some of those people said things that were permanent points of release for me and have altered my life for the better forever.

Two, a national coaching group I belong to secured an interview with a very well know ‘self help’ guru.  This is nice, but as the accolades zipped around via email one brilliant man, Ram, asked some very real questions regarding relevance, relatability and such.  Such an email was an excellent reminder that relevance is relative.  If you don’t know the ‘name’ it will truly be about the content.

I guess what this all leads to is the following…  We all have amazing gifts and talents-content.  Just like the ‘experts’ we look to and quote, etc.  The only difference is the ‘experts’ believed enough to charge forward knowing they had something significant to share.  Which they do.  But so do you.  Will you charge forward? Will you share your content?