So I went to a weekend retreat called “Ignite” through the Pure Potential Institute, facilitated (brilliantly) by Laura Juarez.  First of all it was fabulous.  Second of all it had the potential to have been horrifying if I wasn’t a follow through kind of girl.  This is the challenge of personal development.

When are we most likely to pursue personal development?  When we are down and/or in crisis right?  So here are some items about that.  One, it is easier to stay up then it is to be knocked down and get back up.  So personal development when you are feeling fine is just as impactful and perhaps even more so because you are all ready firing on all cylinders.  Two, when you are headed towards crisis, depression and/or some other unpleasant experience it can be overwhelming to think about what to do when you uncover the truth of where you are.  Three, it is better to wade in regardless of where you are mentally and emotionally than stand (read: fall) where you are. It will help stabilize and reorient you.

This past weekend was phenomenal.  It was empowering and absolutely fantastic to connect with women who are all looking at their challenges (read: opportunities) and addressing their new fabulous game plans.  This morning when I woke up back here in the real world  I thought about those women I spent time with and how brave each of them are to look so honestly at life, knowing sometimes what we see is not pleasant.  But this is what I believe, pleasant or not each one of those women has sent out a positive message and energy through their own self empowerment and courage. 

We should all take the time to spend moments, hours and days on occasion with those who show us not only their own vulnerability and corresponding courage but those who show us our own.  To those I shared the past weekend with, you are blessed and a blessing to others.  Carry on your most excellent work!