The Two Listeners

In 1935 there were two women referred to as “the Two Listeners” that passed on wisdom and messages they said they received from a higher power.  One of those messages was as follows:  “Empty your vessels quickly. So much retained by you so much less will be gained from Me.”

Whether you believe the Two Listeners heard from God or not, the quote above is still very interesting.  How often we are eager to take in all we can and consider others experts.  Who could be more expert on our own lives than ourselves?  Knowledge and learning is great.  Just be aware that it is no replacement for listening to your source from within.  And just how do you listen to the source within?  Through meditation.  Meditation doesn’t require anything but the desire to try it.  It has shown tremendous health and well-being benefits and involves emptying you mind rather than cramming in more.   Again, I am all about garnering knowledge; however, knowledge is there to inform us.  Our inner voice is there to guide us.  Are you listening to yours?

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