Facing Our Fears

by Wahneta Dimmer on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 9:18am,  May 28, 2011

What does everyone really want? The bottom line is Happiness. When asked we may answer, more money, more time, etc.  But then ask yourselves what will I feel when I have more money, more time, etc? The answer always comes down to happiness.

What are the road blocks to happiness?

The illusion that we are separate from one another, that our differences somehow far out weigh our similarities. This duality is an illusion that we must break free of.  There are three reasons that our ego uses to emphasize our duality; Fear of being laughed at, fear of someone taking your money and fear of being alone.  When we get stuck in this continuous cycle of fear, it leads to all the other low frequency emotions.

A complete list of low frequency emotions as compiled by Marianne Williamson’s, “A Course In Weight Loss” are shame, anger, fear, unforgiveness, judgment, disdain, excess responsibility, pressure, exhaustion, burden, stress, heartbreak, injustice, needing protection, selfishness, jealousy, greed, laziness, separation, dishonesty, arrogance, inferiority, embarrassment, & self abnegation. At the bottom of each of these emotions is fear.  As a good friend said this week, “It is not what you are eating but what is eating you”.

Williamson states, “You might express beautifully, serenely, and lovingly in one aspect of your personality: yet meanly, frantically, and fearfully in another.  Everyone is a mix of characteristics- few people are all perfect, or all imperfect.  Yet those places where you’re imperfect are not where you are bad; they are simply where you’re wounded.  And what has wounded you, in one way or another is fear itself.”  This Shadow Self and our disdain for it, keeps us from fully loving ourselves.  When we do not fully love ourselves, we can not fully love others and we block ourselves in and love out. Embracing our Shadow Self, truly understanding ourselves at our core, accepting ourselves for all that we are allows us to step out of fear and into living in the heart.

Living in the heart allows us to step out of ourselves, to analyze our behavior and the behavior of others without judgment from a place of acceptance and understanding.

We need to justify our individuality with the fact that everything we do affects the collective and that every emotion we feel is projected outward on everyone and everything around us. We need to truly understanding the interconnectedness of Heaven, Earth and everything in between.

As we heal ourselves and each other so we heal Mother Earth.