The Stuff You Own

“Possession isn’t nine-tenths of the law. It’s nine-tenths of the problem.” ~John Lennon

How many times have you thought, ‘if I only had that ____…”?  Really?  When you think about it, would owning A, B, and/or C really get you to the place you need to be? Or want to be? Or a place that would make you happy? 

How many people want or wanted to own a house which ironically now owns them?  How many people lost a great relationship over an item that is now residing in a dump?  More people than we’d probably like to think about.  We live in an age that has socialized and media induced us into thinking stuff equals happiness.  Just in case you need a reminder, stuff doesn’t bring us happiness…we bring ourselves happiness…you just need to do the work to tap into it.  Be warned, the work might take longer than just standing in line to make a purchase; however, it is infinitely more worth while!

Like nice stuff… that is great!  Having stuff isn’t a block to happiness, it just is not the source of it.

One thought on “The Stuff You Own

  1. Agree, Denise. “Stuff Acquisition” can feel so romantic during the process but often, especially when it arrives tossled in a UPS box, it is anti-climatic because really, it isn’t the stuff that enamors us – it is the process of finding & taking possession. Instant gratification however superficial.

    “Spending” on experience; however, is a different beast. New experiences – travel, theater, new skills – do impact our joy in a sustainable way because they create growth. And growth is part of the happiness formula.


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