Sometimes it is nice to see things laid out.  It is easier for me to look at my upcoming week or month on paper, more so than in Outlook.  So having resources for both digital and hard copy planning and scheduling suit me well.

Along those lines, check the following resource out from my friend Maria Murphy.  Maria has been interviewed on NPR and interviewed and published any many other places as well.  She is a licensed psychotherapist, adjunct professor, writer and speaker.  Her mission is to create opportunities for personal wellbeing.  Through her practice, national coaching program and her wellness website, she helps individuals develop the skills they need to create the fulfillment they seek. Her writing includes the Simply Put Together Planner series, 365 Days to Simplicity and Organized Me! She is a regular columnist for My Nassau Sun of the Florida Times Union, Indy’s Child, Cincinnati Parent and Tutor/Mentor Connection, a national non-profit organization based in Chicago. Maria also champions military families and is host of the “Me Minute” for Army Wife Talk Radio. Maria, a former resident of New York and Chicago, resides on Amelia Island, Florida with her family.

Simply Put Together is your guide to creating a life that’s more balanced, fulfilled and happy. A psychotherapist with more than 15 years’ experience, Maria has developed strategies to: make life more manageable, easily practice personal wellness and get more out of life, whether at home or on the job. Sign up for her free e-letter, her ongoing tweet tips, free downloads or check out her unique wellness planners. .