“Opportunity’s favorite disguise is trouble.” ~Frank Tyger

How easy it is to settle into our home lives, work lives, take our friends for granted, etc.  So many of us just roll in and out of each day without much thought to our actions.  We are so busy doing what we are programmed to do we miss tons of opportunities to do what we can do. Sometimes this is based in being unaware, overwhelmed or maybe even using others as an excuse not to go through the discomfort of our own growth.

Each one of us is granted the gift of being unique.  When we try to ‘fit in’ and/or please or impress others by acting as they do, or how they’d like us to, rather than how we are truly blessed to be, we are not utilizing our gifts.  Being unique, and not coming from a place that is authentic than results in not fulfilling and serving those who would best (and are meant to) benefit from it.   Accommodating others against your own judgment stifles their growth and yours and that serves no one, unless you are a huge fan of mediocrity.

Whether it relates to work or personal life the following stands true.  Hiding your talents, abilities and/or emotions stunts your growth and the growth of those around you.  You serve best by being authentic, not by being accommodating. 

Don’t get me wrong, this line of thought does not serve as a declaration to be rude, hurtful or hateful, nor does it give you a green light to throw a tantrum.  It serves as a declaration to be who you are and live from your true heart and purpose.  Simply put we thrive in environments that we feel support who we are, be it at work or home.  There is nothing better than receiving validation and support when we are being true to who we are.  Validation and support received when we have our ‘mask’ on feels empty.  We all know that feeling, because we have all been there.

This brings us back to “Opportunity’s favorite disguise is trouble.”  Next time you feel trouble or stress take a moment and see where it is originating from.  If it coming from a place of authenticity and showing you a path that will help you grow than hey, go for it, even if it brings some discomfort upfront. On the other side of that discomfort/fear is something way better.  If it is coming from a place where you have your ‘mask’ on and are not being authentic, step back and remember, as Euripides said, “There is just one life for each of us: our own.”  Pay attention! Your life is calling you!