Admittedly, I am urgency addicted.  You here a lot about people who talk and don’t act, or discuss and never pull the trigger, I do not fall into that category.  Subsequently, I do not always have the empathy or capacity to understand the failure to move forward.  The prior statement does NOT include those who are trying.  That is not to say I have never experienced not moving forward, but with me it is a fleeting moment rather than an ongoing pattern.  Subsequently I live in a dynamic of frustration when one hesitates to open the door to opportunity.

Here is the thing…  If you want to enjoy success, which most of us do, it requires movement, preferably forward movement.  As we live in a world of ‘like attracts like’ being successful is more likely if you surround yourself with successful people and/or related materials, courses, blogs, etc.  Now, once you create an environment for success one of two things will happen forward or backward movement.

Forward movement is the way to go.  It sounds so obvious, but is more challenging than standing in place.  Note, not more productive, just more challenging.  As a side note, standing in place use to be standing in place.  Now it is actually moving backwards as we no longer live in a static environment. 

While forward movement is the way to go, seems a lot of people stick with the backward movement, the place of familiarity.  Now, if you are moving backwards you must remember you are doubling the pace you are being left behind as those who are successful continue to move forward.  This scenario is an outstanding one if you are the type of person that loves to complain and do nothing.  Otherwise, it is not so great. 

Now what is great is when you fail to move forward it forces others to look beyond you.  (This is not so great for you, but it is for them.)  It can open up opportunities and options that had not been previously on the table.  So, whereas in the past I use to get frustrated by lack of follow through by others I now see it as an opportunity to expand my reach, my circles of influence and possible new ways of furthering my forward movement.  The alternative would be to move backward…and I’m not about that.