“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” ~Margaret Drabble

I had a conversation with someone this morning about control. Do we really ever have control?  I know it makes us feel better to think we do.  But is having control something that is beneficial to us and our growth?

Is control of a situation, limiting the possible outcomes?  I am a control freak now in recovery.  I always believed if I could control the situation I’d be safe and successful in a situation.  I think we all know there is no way to actually make that happen though.  So the question is, what are we trying to keep ourselves safe from? Pain and suffering perhaps?

There is no home, job, country, relationship, etc. that you can control enough to guarantee there will be no problems or no pain.  Subsequently, if you relinquish the energy you are focusing on what you perceive as control and embrace the experience will you not be living more fully?  Maybe you get hurt or maybe you fall short on something, but really, in the end, who cares.  As long as you do your best, what else is there? 

The only way not to fall short is to never try.  And what kind of life would that be?  Maybe in my ‘recovery’ from being a control freak I may be a bit too much ‘man on fire’ but overall, it is way more rewarding, not to mention fun.