“A little less conversation, a little more action please”
song lyrics written by Mac Davis and Billy Strange, sung by Elvis

Every single morning when you wake up you have a clean fresh slate.  You can do anything you want and change course in any direction you desire.  Knowing that why do we not do it?

Sometimes it may be a matter of patience (guilty of that one myself.)  Lack of patience may come from not having the money, geography, perceived lack of support, etc.  That is where the work comes in.  You can have anything you want if you do the work.

What is the work?  That may sometimes by just blind fortitude and perseverance until you can gather the resources you need.  It may be patience.  It may be remaining open to working towards your goal and desire while remaining open to the path changing along the way to something even better.

How many people do you know that ‘settled’ and are challenged and/or unhappy in their current environment.  The result for them is to remain unhappy or do the work now and move forward.

Do the work now.  You will have to do it sometime, so save yourself the potential unhappiness of settling for anything less than you want.