Difficult People

I was reading a human resources article regarding dealing with difficult people.  The article had a very textbook approach.  While interesting and perhaps a great jumping off point, can the practical address the emotional? Afterall dealing with difficult people is a challenge based on the emotions that well up in us. 

I am a big fan of education, practical solutions, etc.; however, I think it is important that we know not one template addresses all situations.  The last thing anyone needs when they feel they are being painted into a corner by someone difficult is to feel they have also failed in the solution. 

Where is the line in between self-examination, education and action?  How long does one seek before acting?  It is important to touch base with YOURSELF, not just others to see where YOU are and what YOU feel is the right solution for any situation. Because in the end, the consequences belong to you, not any of the sources that provided you input.

In the end after all, isn’t this how we grow?

A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.”~ English Proverb

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