“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”  ~Plato

A friend had mentioned how deeply unkind someone had been to her at work.  It reminded me of the simplicity of kindness and the need for it on all fronts, work and home.  But it also reminded me the first step in kindness is being kind to oneself.

Why is being kind to ourselves so hard?  We tend to put ourselves last on the list so often.  Our ‘to do’ list grows, our time shrinks and the unrealistic goals and tasks laying before us we use to berate ourselves and tell ourselves we should be doing more.  Well that is just ridiculous.  Stop doing that to yourself. 

Being kind to yourself helps others in ways we do not always see or think of.  First, it helps us stay in the present moment and when we give, we then give freely and authentically.  People will feel the shift in how you give and they will know the sincerity of it.

It also gives others permission to take care of themselves through our example.  What better gift could there be during the holiday season than that!   Argh, it exhaust me to see people trying to keep up appearances for each other and impress each other in a way that feeds nobody’s soul, only drains energy.  And if it exhaust me to see it, I know it exhaust those doing it. 

So, this holiday season, and beyond, give yourself the gift of kindness.  Once you do, you will find you automatically pass the gift on to others.